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If you are like most people today, you love living in the comfort of your own home. This is where you have security and feel happiness. You want to remain living there as long as possible.

Has remaining in your home become more difficult for you? Or has it become more difficult for someone you know, such as your mom or dad, who has reached a point in their lives where they can no longer do some of the upkeep that a home requires.

Do you know someone that is disabled or perhaps mentally challenged and in need of help with some of the chores around the home?

We, at HELP understand the difficulties many people go through who want to continue to live at home but find it more and more challenging to do so.

We offer non-medical services that can help you around your home. Contact us to schedule your free appointment and see the honesty, trust and care we have for our customers.

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Servicing South Jersey…Toms River to Mays Landing
Home Repair Companionship Errands
Not every homeowner can repair things around their home and those that could, may have lost the ability. Not a problem. HELP covers all home repair needs that may come your way. Companionship is very important when someone is alone after having had someone by their side for many years. We can provide the ongoing companionship that most people need. While the daily hustle and bustle continues in your life as well as your loved ones’, the errand list continues to grow, and at times can be overwhelming.
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Seasonal Home Care Landscaping Housekeeping
Everything you need for seasonal home care from installing safety devices (i.e. carbon monoxide detectors, etc) to “winterizing” your home, changing screens to storm glass, bring in hoses, blow out sprinkler lines and more. No lawn is too big or too small. Landscaping services include cutting and edging the grass, trimming the weeds and blowing when necessary. Services can be scheduled on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Is it getting too hard to keep up with the house cleaning? Don’t have the strength to do it yourself? Or simply too busy to get over to your loved ones’ home to help? HELP is ready to clean and straighten up your home.
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